Wet and Messy Oiled Up Sex with Anastasia

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Anastasia Knight gets wet and messy

Here’s some Good Messy Stuff to look at. We all know sex can be kind of messy (those of us who have had sex anyway). But there is a kind of porn which exaggerates this aspect of baby making. It’s called Wet and Messy or “WAM”. Sounds like a good name for a pop band doesn’t it?

So here I’m going to show you a clip from a porn site that is all about that. It’s called Lubed and the idea is mostly to see girls getting all covered in oil and then fucked. Have you ever given a girl an all over massage with baby oil and wanted to just slide inside her while she lay there. with no resistance? You haven’t? No me neither but I’m sure it would be hot.

Anyway here’s the clip. This babe, Anastasia Knight wakes up in bed feeling hot and sexy. Her boyfriend turns up and carries her off into the living room. Now I’m thinking that’s his first mistake right there. If you’re going to have wet and messy sex, best do it somewhere where you can wipe up afterwards. Like the bathroom, or maybe the kitchen. Come on dude, you’re gonna get oil all over the furniture! That’s just poor planning, really.

He starts pouring oil all over her little teen body and gets her totally covered. Now there’s his second mistake. You see, now he’s going to have to go down on her and get the taste of that lube in his mouth. I don’t know what he’s using, could be vegetable oil, could be diluted sex lubricant, but whatever it is I bet it doesn’t taste as good as pussy. Such an amateur!

Now having got her all wet and slippery the only thing left to do is slip his cock inside her. No need to wait for her pussy to get wet. Sex with lube like this does give a kind of different feel. It can make an interesting change to try, and some people are really into it. If you are then I recommend you check out Lubed for some slippery hot action.