Dirty Anal Sex in the Woods

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Cuckold Threesome in the woods

I found this new porn site called Hunt 4K and thought I would post up a vid from it. I don’t know if it’s any good but it sure looks like Good Stuff to me. It’s all filmed in 4K Ultra HD and it comes from the Czech Republic or somewhere like that.

Because of that I can’t understand a single word that is said but the good thing is there are English subtitles on this video so you can at least tell roughly what is going on. I think the story is that this dude with a fuzzy head goes around looking for girls to fuck in front of their boyfriends. That sounds to me what the site is all about.

So the dude – let’s call him “Fuzzy Head Dude” – sees a young couple in the park. He likes what he sees (of the girl at least) and decides to try and get to cuckold the boyfriend. After a simple little card trick she comes over to talk. He offers her cash to have sex with him and you know what her first reaction is? Not “Oh my God (in whatever language they speak in Czech Republicland) that’s disgusting you dirty pervert” or whatever, no it’s “Oh but my boyfriend is here”. Like, that’s the reason she wouldn’t do it! Only because her boyfriend is there. If the girls are like that in Czech land I’m moving there, fuck it.

I guess Mr. Boyfriend must have agreed to it because the next thing is we’re in the woods with the three of them. And she’s on her knees giving Fuzzy Head Dude a blowjob. Mr. Boyfriend there is trying hard to pretend he’s not turned on watching his girl with another guy. Lots of men are turned on by it so don’t feel too bad about it bro. Anyway you got a hot girlfriend so you’re not too hard done by.


Next thing is she’s got her skirt off and ol’ Fuzzy Head is behind her pushing his dick up her. But her ass hole looks so inviting too. Now take a look at that ass hole. Does that look to you like there’s never been anything up there? No, me neither. But when asked the question it’s “Oh I never tried that before”. Yeah right. You’re doing cuckolding with a total stranger for money yet you never had anal. Somehow I don’t believe everything this girl says, although I can’t understand what she says anyway so it makes no odds.

So they do the back door shuffle and that all seems pretty good and I guess this stuff has a lot going for it – a threesome, a dirty whore girlfriend fucking for money, anal, outdoor sex, and it’s in 4K. Well this clip might not be but the site is. That’s Hunt 4K – go check it out.

Hunt 4K Ultra HD Cuckold Porn