Anna Rose seduces her neighbor

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Anna fucks her neighbor

Here’s some really Good Stuff for you. A nice long 10 minute clip from Passion HD. This is a high quality porn site focusing on I guess you would say the more erotic side of sex. It’s still got plenty of hot hardcore action as you can see but it’s more seductive than just hard banging and messy cum shots. Well it has that too.

So Anna here wakes up and gets dressed, seductively. Everything she does in this video she does it seductively. When she passes the window she sees her muscular neighbor – let’s call him Neighbor Dude – doing stretches in her back yard. Now why he is in her back yard we are not told, but as this is porn it doesn’t matter. Anything in porn is okay as long as it leads to someone fucking someone. That’s the rule.

Anyway so Anna then remembers she has a pussy and starts rubbing it, seductively. Doing that just makes her want something inside her. Neighbor Dude’s dick obviously. She closes her eyes and when she opens them she’s with Neighbor Dude, kissing him. Seductively.

When she leans back you can see that she took her panties off in the meantime so we get a nice view of her moist pussy ready to take Neighbor Dude’s tongue. He gives her a good old going over with it while she lays there enjoying the sensation. She soon returns the favor though going down on his dick like she hasn’t had anything in her mouth for days.

The rest, well you should just watch for yourself. Like what you see? Of course you do. Anna is typical of the girls in Passion HD, all very fit, really cute and sexy and the kind you would want to bang or at least watch being banged.

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